On-site service

Here we list the services that Stockholmsmässan offers on-site. Limited accessibility may occur at certain fairs, such as those with built-in level differences or high visitor traffic. This means that at some fairs, we offer free admission to visitors who are wheelchair users. If you are a caregiver and are here in your professional capacity, you also have free admission together with your user. Feel free to contact us before your visit if you have any questions.


Strollers available for loan
There are strollers available for loan at the Information desk at the main entrance. Show your identification to borrow a stroller.

Payment in cloakrooms
We accept Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro.

Animals at Stockholmsmässan
Animals are not allowed inside the fair, unless they are certified assistance and guide dogs, such as service, medically alert, and signal dogs.

First aid
Our first aid room is located between the A and B galleries, behind Pressbyrån. We have a security company present in the facility around the clock, trained in first aid. We also have a number of defibrillators located around the facility. Stockholmsmässan is certified as a Heart Safe Zone by the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

Storage lockers
At the moment, we do not have any storage lockers in our premises.

Cloakrooms are available at the main entrance, the Eastern entrance, in the A and B hall galleries, as well as in the C hall. For large events, we set up additional cloakrooms. The fee is 40 SEK for a coat and 40 SEK for a bag. You pay by card. At certain fairs, you can pre-purchase cloakroom tickets online, simultaneously with your entrance ticket purchase.

Elevators are available in the A gallery and in the B hall, as well as down to the parking garage at the main entrance.

Certified assistance and guide dogs, such as service, medically alert, and signal dogs, are allowed to enter the fair. Exhibiting dogs are, of course, allowed to enter dog shows.

Hearing aids
Stockholmsmässan has hearing aid systems for those with hearing aids. The hearing loop has its own radio receiver, which means you will hear the performance/lecture very clearly without disturbing background noise. These hearing aids are available in the following halls: Victoria Hall. K1, K2, K11, K21, T1, T2. You can pick them up at the Information desk upon presentation of identification.

Pressbyrån is located close to the main entrance.

Charge your phone
At the information desk at the main entrance, there are portable power banks with charging cables available for rent via the Lectogo app. This way, you don’t have to be tied to a power outlet and can instead charge your device while you visit the fair. This service costs 5 SEK per started hour.

There are 10 restaurants to choose from at Stockholmsmässan.
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A limited number of wheelchairs are available for loan at the Information desk at the main entrance upon presentation of identification. The wheelchairs cannot be booked in advance.

Room of silence
Stockholmsmässan provide a room of silence, where you who need a peaceful moment during your visit can use for prayer, devotion or similiar. Please contact the Information to get access to the room. Please contact the Information desk at the main entrance for more information and access to the room.

Stockholmsmässan is a non-smoking zone. We allow smoking outdoors.

Changing rooms & nursing rooms
Changing rooms are clearly marked in the facility. We also have a nursing room, please contact the Information desk at the main entrance.

We want Stockholmsmässan to be accessible to everyone. Read more here.

Toilets are available throughout the facility and are clearly marked with signs. Toilets for disabled persons are available at the entrances, in Hall C, as well as in Gallery A and Gallery B.

Stockholmsmässan sorts waste for recycling and operates according to a documented sustainability policy. Read more about our sustainability work here.