Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the most ambitious sustainable development agenda ever adopted by the world’s countries and are designed to achieve four great things by 2030: ending extreme poverty. To reduce inequalities and injustices in the world. To promote peace and justice. Solving the climate crisis.

The Sustainable Development Goals can make this a reality. Hem & Villamässan contributes to these goals through a number of actions. We have chosen to focus on goals 4, 7 and 12, which we feel are closest to us and where we can have the most impact.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4 - Quality education for all

  • Hem & Villamässan works to offer good education for everyone, both through the stage program and advice in various areas, such as new construction, extension, bathroom, plumbing, electricity, solar cells.
  • The New Build, Renovation and Smart Home focus area – we offer knowledge and advice for consumers who are building houses.
  • The mini-builders – The activity offers children and parents the opportunity to build nature-friendly works together, resulting in knowledge-based learning.
  • Sub-goal 4.A – Hem & Villamässan strives to create inclusive and safe learning environments, for example through activities such as Minibyggarna.

Goal 7 - Sustainable energy for all

  • Smart home focus area – We offer knowledge and advice for smart solutions resulting in energy efficiency.
  • We support and encourage a more sustainable transition in the energy sector.
  • We offer knowledge through the stage program from the industry organization Swedish Solar Energy.
  • Focus area Building new – We offer knowledge on how to improve the energy efficiency of heating your house.
  • Sub-goal 7.2 – Hem & Villamässan works to increase the share of renewable energy in the world, for example by inspiring sustainable choices such as solar panels.
UN Global Goals, Agenda 2030, Goal 12
Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption and production

  • Hem & Villamässan encourages the use of digital signs instead of printed ones.
  • The Building New focus area – we are working on this by, for example, supporting the use of prefabricated houses instead of loose timber.
  • Renovate focus area – we are working on this by supporting, for example, the use of iron vitriol facades that extend the life of a house.
  • We are working towards the goal of expanding the fair to include building conservation, an area that could come from 2023 onwards, and include, for example, the reuse of materials/circularity.
  • Smart home focus area – we encourage the consumption of smart products for efficiency, lower costs and simplicity.
  • Sub-objective 12.8 – Hem & Villamässan works to increase public awareness of sustainable lifestyles, for example through inspiration and awareness.

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Our sustainability work

Sustainability is about taking into account the needs of both current and future generations, and taking long-term responsibility in our daily activities. Stockholmsmässan’s sustainability work is based on three focus areas: Sustainable Community, Sustainable Environment and Sustainable Innovation.